In this "PHOTOGRAPHY" section you'll find a selection of my pictures taken all over the world: Photoshootings, Live shoot, Miscellaneous shoots.
I rarely modify my pictures, excepted if it's requested by the model/customer like for a photoshooting.
Just like to play with lights to create effects directly with the camera. Edited pictures can mostly be found in the Design gallery

The 2 sections "Publications" contain a short selection of my pictures published in different Medias, bands, promoters, etc...
As I work a lot for the magazine "BCM", there is a full section for them. My pictures are published since the issue #12. "BCM" focus its content on the Japanese culture (music, food, art, tradition, etc),
I had the chance to see my photos published several times for the front and back covers, live shows and have a regular section called "Helcanen in Japan".