In this "DRAWING" section you'll find a selection of my different drawings. You will see different styles, different technics like pencil, charcoal, chalks.
Somtimes I mix drawing with other painting technics (acrylic, digital...), some are listed here too.

My favourite theme is around the Fantasy world and mythology, but during my studies (Illustration) I had to try different ones.
The stories I had to illustrate were often for children, and had to find my own style in this branch. I try to express my art in different ways, depending of the feelings and mood.
Sometimes more dark, sometimes more fairy, touching year after year different thema like poetry, fantasy, soft horror, crazy etc etc...

The section "BOOK" is about the Poem book released on 17th October 2014. As I used different technics, the project is explained in the "Design" section.